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PPE Factory has been active in the development of new concepts for more than 50 years to protect people who work under the most extreme conditions.
Much research has been carried out into the conditions under which people work. This has resulted in a completely new line of Personal Protective Equipment with unique properties. Our products have the highest level of protection, are lighter in weight, are more breathable, are of course washable and have a fashionable appearance and a high level of comfort.

Prevent was awarded with the European Innowiz Award 2011 from AGC Group (active in glass) for the development of extremely heat and convective heat resistant float oven suits. The new insulating workwear line is now being sold globally and is a great success.

PPE Factory produces its products at three sites. The headquarters are located in Culemborg, the Netherlands. The production and experience centre is located Winterswijk, the Netherlands. Our other production sites are located in Poland, Tunisia and Turkey.

PPE Factory works in close partnership with Centexbel, the knowledge center for the textile industry in Belgium, for testing and certifying products.