Project Description

Cut-resistant trousers (6050) with front panel and the calf section of back panel entirely made out of cut-resistant fabric. Back panel from kneecaps to waistband made of polyester/cotton very robust ripstop fabric.

  • Lining made of a, light grey, lightweight, cool to the skin, stretch fabric:
    48% PES, 48% CO, 4%XLA
  • Adjustable waistband
  • Two side pockets with flap
  • High level of wearing comfort, robust, ergonomically shaped


In stock:

  • Standard inch sizes: 30/34 up to 44/34
  • Optional length sizes: 32-inch can be shortened from a 34

Custom made, no NOOS and delivery time up 8 to 12 weeks, are:

  • Sizes 28/34 and 46/34-inch
  • Optional length sizes: 30- and 36-inch


  • Black

Price: €146,22

VAT excluded retail price




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