Our cut and puncture resistant clothing has become an indispensable part of the glass and metal industry.

We have been supplying the largest glass and metal factories worldwide for decades.
In addition to the very high protection factor (ISO13997 up to level F), we offer a very comfortable and lightweight product that can be worn in any situation. That is why our clothing is worn from New Zealand to Iceland.

Our Glassbeater collection is divided into 3 categories

  • Never out of stock items: A balanced and diversified collection where everyone can find an appropriate item.
    short delivery time
  • Especially for the client and contractually established items: We develop a contractually established garment range of which we keep an agreed amount on stock.
    short delivery time
  • Developed items without any obligation: long(er) delivery time

We develop a custom product on an order basis with a longer delivery time as it is manufactured especially on demand.

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Our Custom made products in action