Heatbeater garment collection

Heatbeater clothing and Heatbeater gloves have been leading the market when it comes to quality and innovation since 1962.

Our heat-resistant clothing is characterised by high wearing comfort, is lightweight, flexible and feels pleasant on the skin. Has very good protective and flame-retardant properties in situations with extreme heat.

As far as possible, recycled and organic materials are used or materials that can be recycled. This makes our range very sustainable.

Where heat plays a role, our range offers the best solution.

Categories Heatbeater garment

  • Heatbeater heat-resistant and well-insulating clothing
  • Aluminised clothing

PPE factory clothing washable? Even the aluminised clothing? Yes!

Categories Heatbeater gloves

  • Until 600 degrees Celsius
  • Until 900 degrees Celsius
  • Until 1.200 degrees Celsius
  • Specials

For who are heat-resistant gloves suitable

Our heat-resistant gloves provide protection for thermal hazards such as radiant heat and contact heat.
These heat-resistant gloves are the world’s best-selling items for employees in the glass and metal industries.

We provide tailored advice and are happy to help you make the right choice or, if necessary, develop a product for and with you. Because of our versatility, we always come up with a suitable and contemporary solution.

If you have a specific question, please feel free to contact us

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