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PPE Factory

PPE Factory has been known worldwide for more than 60 years as a developer and manufacturer of personal protective equipment that protects users against the most extreme conditions. Not a day goes by that we look for new solutions to improve our products and make them even more comfortable.

In addition to our personal protective equipment, we have also built up a good reputation as a developer and manufacturer of solutions for situation protective equipment such as protective equipment for the offshore, fire brigade, iron foundries, glass factories, welding companies, lithium-ion battery environments etc.

This has resulted and still results in customers who are very satisfied with the personal protective equipment that PPE Factory has designed and produced. We try to offer as many suitable solutions as possible for the sometimes very difficult circumstances in which the users have to accomplish their tasks.

PPE Factory produces in the Netherlands, Poland, Bulgaria and Turkey. Our headquarter and two development and production sites are located in Winterswijk.

PPE Factory has been working together with AITEX, where all our materials used are tested and / or certified according to the applicable European standards.

PPE Factory is ISO9001 certified!

we create equipment to protect people.


Heatbeater garment and Heatbeater gloves have been leading the market in quality and innovation since 1962.



Our puncture- and cut-resistant clothing is the best choice. Around the world, employees of the largest glass and metal producers are protected with our clothing.



We are regularly asked to participate in the development of new products, these can be found in our Specials category.


For questions about our products call +31(0) 345 53 35 55 or send a mail to info@ppe-factory.com.

Our Custom made products in action